Our first encounter

Created by Wole 2 years ago

I met Elvis after being introduced to him by a colleague at the WHO HIV department in Geneva. He had wanted to get some insights on adolescent HIV. We met at the café and what struck me during our discussions was his desire to engage, to learn and share stories and insights. He really cared about young people and the challenges they faced in accessing services. We continued to communicate as he embarked on his Ph.D and was particularly interested in adherence to ART and the central role of adolescent friendly services in promoting adherence. Elvis was gentle yet passionate, patient yet persistent. He was someone with a goal and huge drive. His passing is still a shock. Road injury is the number one cause of deaths in adolescent males globally. Elvis would more than support an initiative to reduce this. Hope an initiative on this could be done in his dear memory.

Wole Ameyan,

Adolescent HIV lead,

WHO Geneva.