Yasmin 26th January 2022

Elvis was the first colleague I met on my first day at WHO. After getting a bit lost trying to find the EIOS office, Elvis came to pick me up at reception and I remember immediately forgetting my initial anxiety and irritation with the fact that I had failed my very first task (navigating WHO signage...). His calm and friendly manner, his patience and interest when listening or debating on any topic, his commitment and brightness: he really was a pleasure to have on any team. I have many fond memories, particularly from our Technical Meeting in Seoul in 2019, and it breaks my heart to look at these pictures now that show him so full of life... I remember making fun of him because he had a couple of last days and farewells. In fact, I was so happy to hear he came back after having left our team to start his PhD. In that sense, he was a bit of a WHO boomerang and it just seems wrong that he won't come back ever more. I take comfort in thinking that he was greeted in heaven with the same warmth he showed me on my first day at WHO. May he rest in peace, Yasmin